TRAVEL DIARY: “Cinque Terre”

For me, Italy has it all. From impressive destinations, food, culture, art and fashion to seaside, mountains and cosmopolitan cities, this country is truly amazing. But above this all, Italy has Cinque Terre. I always wanted to visit this place, and thus here I am, exploring this land in a unique way for me, because it’s my first time when I’m traveling only with my backpack and bike.


Because I have so much to say, I will do my best to give you a well-structured article. Wherever you may come from, first of all you have to reach La Spezia city. From La Spezia Central Station, there is a train connection to Riomaggiore, the first of the five towns. If you want to visit all five of them in one day, I suggest you buy the „Cinque Terre daily pass”. But, if you’re planning to stay more than one day, you can pay for each trip separately.


I started my trip with the last town, Monterosso al Mare. It’s the largest of the five, so it has the most restaurants and shops from where you can buy souvenirs, clothes or local products. Once I gost lost on the narrow and cobblestoned streets, filled with charm, I enjoyed a great breakfast, just on time to be ready for a busy, busy day.



Next city is Vernazza, from where you can enjoy an incredible view over the Mediterranean sea. It’s smaller than Monterosso so more crowded, but still you can enjoy your time there because everyone is relaxed and in a good mood. Just near the small port you will find Gelateria Vernazza. Best gelato in town, or maybe in Italy, and I promise you it tastes like magic.

I feel sorry not to discover Corniglia also, but the town is filled with steps and when you travel by bike it’s quite difficult.


Manarola is my favourite one. It’s so romantic and filled with charm. For sure I’ll visit again and definitely I’ll stay in Manarola. Not to mention that this town gives you the most amazing views. Don’t leave the town without trying Nessun Dorma restaurant. It’s the perfect combination between great food, wine and breathtaking views.



I ended my day visiting Riomaggiore, the last town of the five, where I had the best seafood and a delicious pesto focaccia. It’s very important to mention that Cinque Terre is famous for pesto, but also for good quality seafood, gelato and wine, so eat, eat, eat and enjoy your time there. Also, I suggest that you try  a small street food restaurant called Mama Mia! Take Away. It’s really delicious.

I left heartbroken knowing that I couldn’t explore this incredible place more but very soon I will return for at least five days because each town of the five deserves at least one day of my life.




Angie Carp

Travel writer