Botticelli and Gretel Zanotti SS16 collection

Always attracted by all forms of artistic representation, understood as an expression of her own “I ” more intimate and hidden, Gretel Zanotti approaches, despite her young age, the study of art history with a particular interest in the Renaissance.

The creative process for Gretel therefore is found partially  in her interest in a particular artist or an artistic trend, then the study and research of a dominant motif. The various forms of expression are then again reinterpreted by her creativity and transferred, adding her personality and identity in the world of women’s fashion.

La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli, one of the masterpieces of the Italian’s Renaissance, owes its charm to the aura of mystery that surrounds the work. Not immune to this appeal, Gretel Zanotti decided to be guided by this balanced and harmonious composition for her Collection SS 2016. As the center of the picture is Venus, symbol of love, neoplatonist higher, so does Gretel have at the center of her universe, the female figure: the Woman. Understood as the Venus of this millennium, Gretel desires to make through her creations a mediator between Soul and Eros, between Psyche and Cupid, between Reason and Instinct. But not only this. Gretel’s attention is kidnapped by the figure of Botticelli’s Cloris nymph that turns into Flora, the personification of the same spring, represented as a woman with a beautiful flowered dress. Gretel’s Cloris completes the idea of the woman of today, with her fragility and fears, insecurities and vulnerabilities, committed daily to the conquest of her “feminine me”. It is complete and safe, which reaches through a mime of nature. The idyllic scene by Botticelli, his creations point to the same ideal for beauty and harmony that marked all these works of art. In particular spring and in her clothes trying to reproduce with its clean the balance. Known the same attention to the master drawing and in this regard to the volume and truthful rendering of various materials, especially in very light clothes, the same effect that you research through the use of silk and embossed designs applied or painted directly on drapery. The nature as universal cyclic force and the regenerative power, direct connection to God and maximum expression of beauty and love, it is celebrated by young creative through the many floral references which adorns the heads and directly inspired by the white robes and decorated with blooms of Botticelli’s characters.

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Silvia Stesy Stefanini

Fashion stylist & editor

Stesy is fashion stylist and editor, born in 1982, with a communication and fashion specialization. She is actually working between Paris and Milan. After years in fashion and beauty events working, she began in 2008 her walk into fashion industry, working for as fashion stylist for editorials, lookbook and catalogues. In these years she has been working in Italy and France with a lot of huge brands and magazines.