Fibre Athletics – Helping the Planet Stay Fit

Many of us ask ourselves, why is being active and working out so important? Does it really effect our bodies and minds in a good way? The answer is, absolutely! Staying active and keeping our bodies healthy is so important. Sweating is not always so fun, but it is a major detox for the body, releasing bad toxins that can build up over time. Increasing and creating healthy muscle(s) and especially creating self made endorphins. (endorphins are a chemical which what I like to call, keep the brain happy!).

There is of course a very fun side to staying fit and in shape, choosing what to wear! For myself, choosing my outfit for a day at the gym or a big walk in the hills is very satisfying, especially with brands from Nike, VSX Sport from Victoria’s to C9 Champion. But I find myself asking where do these companies produce there clothing, what kind of materials and fabrics are being used. Do they use sustainable techniques and practices. We can put all of those thoughts aside, because Fibre Athletics does it all.

Performance-wear with Integrity

Fibre Athletics believes in only bringing and creating the best women’s and men’s active and performance wear they possibly can by using only ethical and fair trades. They live by their motto that defines the brand itself.

NO Guilt – They only produce their clothing from responsible ethical manufactures.
NO Toxins – With so many harsh chemical dyes and colors that can affect sensitive skin such as itching, and even rashes. Fibre only uses a LOW impact color dying process that even creates a major reduction in water usage and provides rich colors that will never fade.
NO Waste – They only source organic and recycled fibres to produce their performance wear. By doing this, on a large scale it increases environmental impact as well as backs local healthy farming methods.
FAIR Trade – Some fashion consumers have not heard of Fair Trade practices. It is an alternative business that solely focuses on the three P’s. People, The Planet, and Profits. All the product from Fibre Athletics is designed, hand cut and hand sewn in the USA. They are also a business member of the widely known Chicago Fair Trade (Chicago Fair Trade is the largest fair trade coalition in the USA, comprised of a dedicated base of member businesses, educational institutions, congregations, non-profit organizations, and individual activists).

Another amazing add to Fibre Atheltics is hey contribute 1% of ALL profits two The Eden Projects and The Cara Program. TO learn more see here.

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Defy gravity — sweat, run, get dirty, eat, drink, travel, and have fun in your clothes.

So why not help the earth by using this amazing brand all while helping your body get in the best shape you possibly can. Kill two birds with one stone!

Katja Nyquist

Fashion Director :)