Talking “Beginner Photo-shoot” from a model`s perspective- By Angie Carp

Talking “Beginner Photo-shoot” from a model`s perspective
By Angie Carp


With each and every day, I see how, whatever the situation, we all embrace a green lifestyle. Less plastic, less absurdly edited pictures, less cosmetic articles. Speaking of magazine articles, right now you’re reading one where the only purpose is to present you my experience as a model. Sincere, simple and useful. Useful for you if you want to try something different for one day. Because I don’t do this on a daily basis, I have plenty of time to plan each shooting, in a proper way. I need a few days in which I try to find a photographer, a makeup artist and a hairstylist. At the same time, together with the team, we decide what theme to use for the shooting. Because the theme is number one on my list. Once the theme is established, I start to search for references online, and I always choose Pinterest.
_DSC4860-a Pinterest is an app with unlimited resources in any field you need, especially fashion. Of course, the team will have their own ideas, which we’ll discuss the day of the shooting. It would also be great if you can find someone to help you with styling too, but there are few people willing to work, so you can do like I did.
Try choosing from your wardrobe clothes that are similar to your references, and try to match them as simple as you can. It works every time, since you’re not shooting a brand collection or magazine. One day before the shooting, I start to get ready. That means classic feminine rituals plus applying some self-tan, because I like to look a little tanned. For the manicure & pedicure, I prefer a simple one in shades of nude.
Last but not least, the hair should be clean to make sure you can try out any kind of hairstyle.
Drink as much water as you can the day and night before and most importantly, do NOT drink any alcohol the night before!
 I also need to mention that I never wear tight clothes which can leave a mark on my skin. The atmosphere is very relaxing in the studio. For me it’s very important to feel that it’s just a day of fun and everything goes naturally; there’s nothing complicated or difficult. Trust the people you chose for makeup and hairstyle. Just like you, they work with passion, because if they did not, they would not be there.
 Another thing I do before I start is have a chat with the photographer. I find it important to know how he works, if he likes an active model or not and if he gives tips or not. Try not to check out every picture as soon as it’s taken. It can be very unsettling for you as not all pictures are good ones. At the end only the great shots will be chosen, I assure you.
Related to posture or mimic, it’s obvious that you should do your best to control it all, always, although it’s not that simple. I focus on mimic first, and then body. If the small imperfections on the body can be edited, for your face it’s quite difficult and, in my opinion, it should not be practiced. Other than this, everything comes naturally. Just be yourself.
It’s definitely very important and also a pleasure for me to end the day with food. If I was sincere, there was no way I would omit this..
Model: Angie Carp Fotograf: Liviu Mihai Makeup artist: Cristina David
Model: Angie Carp
Photographer: Liviu Mihai
Makeup artist: Cristina David




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