Structurally Inspired: Mardo Studio’s Luxe Bags

Mardo Studio’s Ido Wolfman and Mark Goldenberg take us inside the studio to find out what inspires them to make their stunning luxury handbags and luggage. 

Luxury Handbags and Luggage from Mardo Studio
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy


  • Tell us a little bit about yourselves.


Ido Wolfman:  I’m an artist with a passion for design. As a child I studied classical music and played for six and half years. I’ve been photographing for the past six years, focusing on art direction and creative in the past three and designing in the past year.


Mark Goldenberg:  I am a fashion designer whose first collection won several international awards, including the highly prestigious “ITS” competition back in 2012 and the VOGUE TALENTS AWARD for fashion, plus the ‘Avery Dennison Brand Innovation Award’ on the development of integrated branding solutions for ‘Avery Dennison’ in Germany.

Following my internship at Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) in New York, I was responsible for the development of the seasonal collections at MAYA NEGRI brand in Israel. After 3.5 I’ve decided to team up with Ido Wolfman, to leave my previous job and to open my own brand of High-end bags and accessories.

Mardo - Lander Backpack (1)
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy


  • When and why did you decide to become a fashion designer?


IW:   I always had my own vision of aesthetics in various fields. After a fruitful collaboration with my friend Mark Goldenberg I felt the urge to design. Mark and I created a unique art piece made of Diesel Jeans especially for Renzo Rosso and Nicola Formichetti. We both felt that there is more to come to our creative bond and friendship and I realized that I want to design for people. This is how our brand, Mardo Studio, started. I find deep satisfaction with the fact that people choose to wear clothes or accessories that I designed on their body. For me, the client needs to feel inspired and safe at the same time to do so.


MG:   It’s the only thing I know how to do well, to use my mind and hands to create dreams and making things. I have never felt like there was any other alternative. My grandfather was a very successful furrier in Russia, so he must have passed on his love for textile to me.



  • What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?


IW:   Designing for people. For me, the difference between art and design is that design is meant to make people feel happy. Art is meant to make you feel anything, positive and negative emotions are all legitimate, even at the same time.


MG:   The immense satisfaction of watching different people wearing my designs and feeling comfortable and confident.

Trend Prive Talks to Ido Wolfman and Mark Goldenberg of Mardo
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy


  • What were your inspirations for the designs you first created?


IW:   The designs for Mardo are my first designs. Mark and I both like simple clean cut shapes & tribalism. We combined inspirations from these two worlds and started folding and draping on the body. After exploring several interesting silhouettes we felt that something new was born.


MG:   I have many fond memories of my childhood, growing up in the country away from city life; I’ve grown to love animals and birds in particular. My very first collection was called ‘Woven Bird’, inspired by my research on birds and their flight process.



  • Why bags and not shoes or any other creation?


IW:   It was the natural choice to make in order to convey our vision to the world in the clearest way. We have a lot more planned, including clothes and some more surprises.


MG:   After designing women’s wear for many years and creating some sculptural pieces for galleries, I started to get very intrigued by different styles of bags. I think that as a new brand nowadays I’ve got to have a very strong and clear point of view that must be delivered through the aesthetic of design. In order to make a good, innovative and commercial product a collection of bags can give me a good starting point; I don’t have to be depending on models for fittings and body measurements. I have my freedom.

I want to create a craving at the costumer’s mind for our future clothing collections. I want him/her to imagine what a feeling our clothing will give him.

Mardo - Magma Clutch
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy


  • If you could meet any designer in this world (dead or alive), who would it be and why?


IW:   Yohji Yamamoto. Free, inspiring, highly skilled and whole at the same time. From the younger generation I admire very much the way that J.W. Anderson makes. It feels that he stays very true to himself and his edginess, I love that.


MG:   I am very influenced by Yohji Yamamoto and Damir Doma. They’re grounded, modest and highly intelligent.



  • If you could design for any celebrity, who would that be and why?


IW:   Celebrities are people. Mardo Studio’s designs are for anyone who appreciates aesthetics and enjoys making an original choice, more famous or less.


MG:   I would love to work with people like Daphne Guinness and Tilda swinton. I think they have the confidence and playful personalities to wear my avant garde creations.

Luxury Bags of Mardo - Lander Vibe
Photographer: Guy Nahum Levy


  • Do you try to keep up with trends or be different?


IW:   I see trends but I don’t keep up with it. I make sure everything I do is me and if it’s a trend that is currently going on than let it be.


MG:   I’m inspired by current trends, always watching and learning what is commercial and giving it my personal point of view by creating a new drape or combining a new details to give a new perspective.



  • Trend Privé Magazine is a sustainable and eco magazine. What do you think of eco-fashion?


IW:   Like in every industry, it’s important that we, as a society, take care of our earth. Eco fashion isn’t a trend that will fade away. As time passes it becomes more relevant than ever. In our work, Mark and I, are always in search of new and interesting materials and it’s always on our minds.


MG:   For me the words “sustainable fashion” or Eco-fashion are never a stamp of perfection, but from honest companies, it can be a sign of striving, compassion and thoughtfulness. We certainly encourage that and strive to incorporate Eco-fashion into every step we take forward.

Trend Prive Looks Inside The Mardo Studio Label


  • What are your plans for the future?


IW:  To keep creating and doing what I love in the best way that I can. I really try not to plan too far. From where I am now I plan to keep on designing and exploring together with Mark. We have a beautiful vision and I hope we will able to present it to the world with Mardo Studio’s first bag collection.


MG:   Like most people, I desire the fullest and highest expression of myself, and that it the true meaning of success. Hopefully our brand MARDO will be the platform to display all of our combined creativity and knowledge in design, and become a commercial success worldwide and to inspire people .

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