Have You Been To “Two Seas”?

As a model I got this amazing opportunity to visit The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bahrain is an archipelago comprised of 36 islands including 3 recently man-made islands, located in the Arabian Gulf and ruled by the Al Khalifa Dynasty since 1783. It became a British protectorate in the 19th century and gained independence in 1971.

Bahrain is an Arabic word meaning « Two Seas » referring to freshwater Springs that may be found within the salty waters of the Arabian gulf. The Kingdom of Bahrain is located Midway between the Qatar peninsula and Saudi Arabia by a 23-kilometre causeway, which opened in November 1986.

Bahrain National FlagThe national flag: The flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain is made up of a white bad to the left, separated from a red area on the right by a zigzagging line. The five white points of the line represent the five pillars of Islam.


Bahrain was once known as Dilmun and was home to an ancient civilization that played a central trading role between the settlements of the Indus Valley (now India) to the South and the people of Esopotamia (now Iraq) to the North. Dilmun’s capital was a major port whose remains are visible today at the UNESCO WORLD héritage site, Bahrain Fort (Qal’at al Bahrain). The Bahrain National Muséum also exhibits artifacts from inhabitants of the Island some 9000 years ago.

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Bahrain also features in one of the world’s oldest and most enduring pièces of litérature – the Epic of Gilgamesh, where the Island was home to the source of eternal youth. The tale is believed to refer to the pearls from the island’s shallow waters for générations. Nothern Pearling beds represent Bahrain’s second UNESCO World Heritage Site, officially recognized since 2012

I did a one day trip across Bahrain visiting Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum,The Royal Camel Farm, King Fahd Causeway, The F1 Circuit and Tree of Life.


Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum

The Qal’at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) archaeological site was recently nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The new museum’s purpose is to expose the site’s archaeological development from 2500BC to today. It has been important that the building retained the scale of traditional regional buildings and is, in the same style, rather introvert.

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Royal Camel Farm 

On Janabiya Highway is not officially advertised as a tourist spot but it is actually open to the public every day until sunset. Best of all, in expensive Bahrain – it’s free!


2015-12-16 11.53.512015-12-16 12.00.56

Camels, it must be said, smell the same the world over.

Despite being called a farm, the camels here are not for eating. Sheikh Mohammed set up the farm to preserve the presence of the camel in Bahrain which, before the advent of the motor vehicle was the Bahraini’s foremost mode of transport.

The good thing is that you can spend as much time as you want and you can even feed them. 🙂 It’s really fun.

2015-12-16 12.00.00-1

King Fahd Causeway was constructed between 1982 and 1986.  It links the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Crossing the Gulf of Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf, the causeway starts in Saudi Arabia at Al-Aziziyyah, south of Alkhobar, and extends up to Al-Jasra, west of Manama in Bahrain.

2015-12-16 12.15.49

F1 circuit 

It’s very hard to say to me that the next stop was an F1 circuit. We were driving in the middle of desert. Suddenly we could see far away its very famous profile. In 2014, the circuit celebrated its landmark 10th anniversary by introducing a state-of-the-art floodlight system. This led to the Bahrain Grand Prix being held as a night race for the first time, ushering in a new era for racers.

2015-12-16 13.13.302015-12-16 13.18.442015-12-16 13.28.26

From the F1 circuit you have to take small road for about 30 minutes in the desert …you have to cross the oil fields … whoever hasn’t seen it before, it’s quite impressive…


2015-12-16 14.00.58…and finally you can see from far far away THE TREE OF LIFE

Local stories tell that the Tree of Life was planted here in 1583. The tree has survived up to this day. It looks very healthy and has fresh, green leaves. It grows on a small sand hill looking majestic in the harsh desert and is visible from very far away.

2015-12-16 14.16.09


A few other bits…

2015-12-07 09.37.27
December in Bahrain (hotel Ritz-Carlton)
2015-12-10 06.35.33
The Ritz flamingos stay all year
2015-12-16 16.10.49
Everything is possible…
2015-12-16 13.42.35
2015-12-16 15.44.49
Cowboys on the beach close to Qal’at museum
2015-12-05 12.44.31-1
Spice in Souk

Souk is a traditional market. You have to go there once in Bahrain. It’s a big market with spices and herbs and beautiful fabrics. You can buy anything there.

2015-12-05 11-1.37.31
Bahrain World Trade Center

The Kingdom of Bahrain was quite an adventure and worth seeing. Amazing the benefits of travelling, no?