“The evolution of global fashion retailing” – Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

Monte-Carlo Fashion Week started yesterday, Thursday, June 2nd with “The evolution of global fashion retailing” conference. A meeting, in partnership with Gruppo Giovani Sistema Moda Italia, addressed to CEOs of various companies from fashion industry, buyers and journalists to analyze together the evolution of fashion retail, new consumer behavior and assess new challenges and opportunities for fashion brands.

Always at the Café de Paris, the showroom dedicated to the accessories’ world allowed us to touch the resort collection SS17 of Nando Muzi with its creations slave embellished with feathers, the new JF London creations by Joshua Fenu designer, a tribute to Studio 54, music and disco, Abibù Bigiù, the jewelery brand of Annarosa Bone with unique pieces, hand crafted silver, yellow and red bronze, Deglupta which debuted with Fresia model and consolidating the dialogue with abstraction and action painting, Ig Jewels & Mello jewelery, Nebu Milan and Tadini Monte-Carlo.

Mello Jewelry
Nando Muzi
JF London
IG by Irina Goudkova
Abibù Bigiù
Abibù Bigiù

Abibù Bigiù is an Italian handmade brand, born from the ideas and creativity of Annarosa Dell’Osso. Silver, yellow and red bronze are the predominant metals that characterize the style of Abibù Bigiù in its essence. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are unique pieces made entirely by hand. In this path, the bijou is no longer something distant and impersonal to wear every so often, but a presence that explains a way of life, the character of the person, generating a sense of creativity, of uniqueness to be expressed. With a language that does not need words but that is made of looks, shapes, images that become an elegant and enveloping simplicity.
The objects we see in our everyday life are the source of inspiration of Abibù Bigiù’s creations. Clothes hanging out to dry, the hands of a clock, a flower meadow have become the wardrobe, can not wait and bucolic lines …

 Today, June 3rd we’ll keep an eye on the fashion shows of Grinko, Chapurin, Alessandro Angelozzi, Beach & Cashmere Monaco, Didimara, A’Biddikkia, Artramus, Mayra Khachatryan, Elizabeth Wessel and Istituto Marangoni Paris.

Important moment of the day will be the delivery of MCFW Awards to Philipp Plein, Stella Jean and the Italian photographer Giovanni Gastel, and yesterday was the inauguration cocktail party held on the terrace of the Café de Paris in Monte Carlo.

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Myra Postolache

Fashion Contributor.