Step Into Greatness, Interview with Kevin Bull

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama
From Joe Mangienello, Dwayne Johnson, Derek Jeter, John Krasinski and Henry Cavill, Mens Fitness has showcased POWER HOUSE stars that bring down the fitness noise daily showing us all what it means to make ourselves the greatest people we can be. Women like Cameron Diaz, Rhonda Rousey, Heidi Klum and Kate Bekinsale CRUSH IT in the gym showcasing strength, spirit and outstanding vitality.
As the summer comes around this year and we’re all shedding off those winter pounds lets stay inspired and remember that hard work truly pays off when we put in those extra hours and PUSH IT TO THE MAX no matter what background or ethnicity we come from.
How we make our mark is based merely off our ability to see through the actions that we put forth onto this world without giving up. Whether you have a passion for the basketball courts, a drive on the links or an absolute sense of victory on the RIO 2016 Olympic tracks you need the nutrition to push those long hours fueling your metabolism to EXPLODE the HIGH INTENSITY igniting ENERGY inside and out! The body is an intricate system linked to it’s surroundings and grounded in it’s natural principles. Modern science tells us that our brain neurologically progresses as we nutritionally balance ourselves with daily health regimens, physical activity and spiritual/energetic wellness. Applying this initiative to our self worth is a practical and ethical concept and transforming our lives is not a will but a way to the insight that lies in our ability to go NEXT LEVEL! Hey listen, the fact is women want to see that DAVID BECKHAM DRIVE and STYLE!
“Esquire Network and NBC have teamed again to bring the heart-racing competition series, American Ninja Warrior, with hosts Matt Iseman, former NFL player Akbar Gbajabiamila, and co-host Kristine Leahy. The action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in both city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country.” Quote Esquire.Com
I had a chance to get with AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, KEVIN BULL for some questions on his arduous workout routines. CHECK HIM OUT!
1. How often do you workout a week and which fitness magazines are you into?

I do some kind of workout almost every day of the week.  I think taking two rest days would be optimal, but this year I began getting into the long distance OCR racing through the Spartan Race so I needed to increase my endurance running ability.  I cut out some of the rest days to make it work.

2. When it comes to dieting and supplementing explain your point of view on what it takes for a multi-faceted athlete to get to the next level?
I think there are a lot of theories in the world of nutrition that do not pan out and athletes should be careful of which bandwagons they are jumping on.  The bottom line is that your body needs variety, don’t eat too much of any one food, and cutting things out of your diet entirely is usually going overboard.  They key is to find balance, and I think most diet plans are oversimplifying  things when they recommend cutting certain foods because they want to make the rules easier for people to remember.
3. Have you ever integrated spiritual meditation/yoga to your routines.

The fighting spirit is an important part of being an athlete, but I find that most popular forms of spirituality run counter to it because they focus on relaxation.  Yoga however has some very useful benefits because maintaining flexibility can be very difficult when you are over-training strength (as most athletes must do to stay competitive) and on top of that it improves core strength.

4. Would you explain the process it takes to become in “American Ninja Warrior” shape?
Getting in American Ninja Warrior shape is a little different than most athletic pursuits.  Traditional sports and fitness training focuses on a specific set of skills, and those skills are maximized through repetition in training, causing athletes to gravitate toward whatever plays to their greatest strength.  American Ninja Warrior requires the athlete to eliminate their weaknesses to progress in the competition rather than max out their strengths.  A good training program if you are going to become a Ninja Warrior requires a lot of introspection, and should focus on aspects of strength or movement that you are weakest at, once you bring that up to par switch to the next lowest skill.
5. Where and what time is your ideal place to train?
My ideal place to train is in the Redwood Forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  There is a lot of great training you can get from gyms, and studios but the unpredictability of the wilderness brings a measure of adaptability to the workout.  That adaptability has been a big part of my success on the show American Ninja Warrior, because we are not able to practice the obstacles before hand and have to learn on the fly. 
6. High Interval Training and Long Distance Running are vital for endurance and cardio. What is your method for athletic sustainability in the off seasons?
Cardio and interval training are absolutely a big part of maintaining athleticism, particularly as you get older. I use crossfit as my interval training because is does a good job of working different muscle groups.  For endurance I try to get one or two days of distance running in per week.
7. What did you find most gratifying about the “American Ninja Warrior” experience at NBC?
The most gratifying thing about competing on American Ninja Warrior is when fans of the show will tell me that they were inspired to begin obstacle training, or improving their fitness, or if they had Alopecia like I do, sometimes they will say they gained confidence from seeing me on the show. It is a big difference from my collegic track and field years when there were no spectators and I was always training and competing for myself.  Knowing that there are people pulling for me is a source of motivation whenever the training or the competition get difficult.
8. Would you tell our readers about your interview with
“The Wolfpack Ninja Podcast”?

I recently was interviewed by Noah Kaufman the “Ninja Doc” on the Wolfpack Ninja Podcast where I had a chance to touch on current Ninja news as well as talk about some of my backstory and share tips on training.  The podcast has become an open forum of sorts for extreme athletes to talk about some of the unusual lessons we have learned in the unusual lives we choose to lead.

9. Trend Prive Magazine is a creative artist magazine with a passion for humanitarian effort and outreach. Please tell us about the
The Pitfall Obstacle League and Children’s Alopecia Project!

My appearance on American Ninja Warrior has led me into two big opportunities to reach out more into the community this year. The first is the Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) which is a nonprofit that puts on fun camps and events for youngsters who have the hair loss condition and pairs them up with alopecian success stories. It’s more difficult to look differently than your peers when you are a kid and I am glad I have had the opportunity to encourage these young people to embrace the things that make them stand out.

In addition I launched a competitive obstacle course league named Pitfall. The courses are technical and short, more similar to the kinds of obstacles you would see on American Ninja Warrior than in any of the Mud Runs.  When I began training for the show I realized that there was a new sport emerging, one which was truly rewarding to train for. When you progress in your training for a technically challenging obstacle course you are opening new avenues of movement which increase your freedom and the sense of accomplishment is much greater than adding a few pounds to your max lift, or shaving a few seconds off your fastest time. I use the ninja skills I have developed in my normal life to make everyday tasks simpler and more fun and while the number of spots for competitors on the show are limited, I think everyone who is interested should have the chance to pursue this passion.  If you would like to try a Pitfall competition or begin training for it you can check out the website at .  We have events for ages 8-Adult and any of the gyms that work with us also provide training classes to help you prepare. 

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FUELED with small town drive and huge dreams, life and fitness motivational bodybuilder Tom Smith from Pennsylvania U.S.A. knows how to get PUMPED when the summer comes around!
While overcoming obstacles daily, Tom attacks the gym from the spirit and the results ABSOLUTELY SHOW! Well done Tom!
“Weight is only a number” “To achieve your goals, it starts with a choice in your mind” “Do or do not, there is no try”
In the same respect, from the inside out, NIKE, MICHAEL JORDAN, has come out with the SELF-LACING SHOE HyperAdapt 1.0. Which truly makes me think? When’s Michael going to fly?
Nike says the new shoe is “powered by an underfoot-lacing mechanism” —think tiny motor — and it “proposes a groundbreaking solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing.”
With all the impacts of energy around the world from the top of DENALI in ALASKA to the deepest depths of the OCEAN near Argentina we work best in harmony. I’ve been inspired daily by the willingness of our leaders to “Step Into Greatness” as they prove no task is too difficult for us to accomplish. Cheers mates!