ARME DE L’AMOUR – Jewelry Meets 3D Printing

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What happens when you take an inspired model-to-be out of her home of Siberia and into the non stop world of fashion in New York City? You get an insanely chic jewelry line and company that is nothing but full of glitzy and glam pieces, all while having a laid back boho feel. All created with the latest technology. That company is called ARME DE L’AMOUR, which is a french phrase meaning ‘Weapon of Love”.

Reverse Chevron Ring(s) - Image Credit:
Reverse Chevron Ring(s) – Image Credit:

Housed in Miami Florida, Ivana Berendika in 2013, found her love and passion for traveling and after seeing some of the worlds greatest sites. It was then she founded the company after she decided to fully immerse herself for several years into the Parsons School of Design in New York City. She spent her time studying the fabrics and materials of fashion and the lines and structure of interior designs. Speaking of technology, Ivana applies the latest craze to come into the fashion industry, 3D printing.

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Large Ruffle Bracelet - Image Credit:
Large Ruffle Bracelet – Image Credit:

From the computer program all the way up to the printing stage, each piece is uniquely designed from the inside and out. Her dedication is truly impeccable when it comes to her work. It is always great to see any designer pursuing this type of new technology, especially in jewelry and accessories. This could create a whole new process to show how the industry can curate and produce. Watching new emerging designers come out into the world showing off their fresh concepts and ideas to the masses. It brings new energy and pizzazz to the future of the fashion industry.

*To see more of Ivana Berendika’s line see ARME DE L’AMOUR or NET-A-PORTER *

Katja Nyquist

Fashion Director :)