27.3.2016 ~ Life on the Road

We slept only three hours. After the concert we had to walk and walk to find a taxi which was not as easy as we thought it would be. More than 500 000 people that’s something. . .

Cuba trip with model petra5 We woke up very early around 5:45am. We had a nice breakfast that Iriana made us. Iriana is the neighbour of Fernando and Adriana. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding …we woke up too early. How to explain this to you… sometimes it’s a bit…  complicated to get organized with 5 girls. (Wink wink)

My pink Panhead still had a problem and Fernando couldn’t figure out where it was. As I said these bikes are original from 1942 till 1960-70, and sometimes we need a hand from a man.

Cuba trip with model petra2 12957106_10153589968088214_797140269_n 12935237_10153589968208214_1139011645_n
So this was the right time to discover the Old Havana. We walked to the Plaza de la Cathedral where we found a bakery coffee shop called Dulceria Bianchini II. We sat down and enjoyed fresh fruit juices, croissants – yes, real croissants! – and a quiche. Of course  the taste was a bit different but we enjoyed it a lot. Quiche with ham and cheese… it was really delicious.

Cuba trip with model petra 12966851_10153589968203214_288672299_n 12939108_10153589968053214_1289057540_nWe didn’t want to leave this place!  …but we had to. We walked and walked and we saw so many beautiful places, houses, doors, colorful cars from 40’s 50’s 60’s , we even found a tattoo studio with the most colorful stairway I have ever seen. . . La Havane is full of life all the time.

Cuba trip with model petra4We had a lunch in La Imprenta Calle Mercaderes No 208, LA Havane. There is a pretty garden inside and a very friendly atmosphère. We walked to the Hemingway Hôtel and then
we got a call from Fernando around 2pm with the good news that all bikes were ready. We left Havana in a taxi straight to the garage.

At 5pm we tried to leave Havana with all the bikes but at 6pm we were only 300m away from Fernando and Laura’s Panhead 1950 didn’t want to ride. It was a really hot sunny day and we were just sitting and waiting … In this situation is very important not to lose hope.
Finally we could move forward but only without Laura’s bike. So she rode on the trike with Catherine. We finally had the chance to enjoy a long ride with no problems. The highway was not so bad. We had the sun on our back and the light was just amazing.

12966658_10153589968083214_1337228409_nWhen the sky became playful with orange and purple and pink color, I looked back behind me… there was no Noeline anymore. She broke her tire! The sun went down and we had to wait in the dark. Thankfully we had our mechanics with us all the time. I think without them this trip wouldn’t be possible. Thank you again Oici & Servando. The repair took about an hour, which was great.

Petra in Cuba 12969233_10153589968193214_1213890636_n
We drove till the next gas station where we met Fernando with the whole team of mechanics. They brought Laura’s bike.
She was happy. We were happy . By this time it was already deep night. We had just discovered that one bike didn’t have working front lights. It was my Panhead. So I changed bikes with one of the mechanics just to be safe. Forty kilometers to go in the dark. In Cuba you don’t see many lights on the highway.

At 11pm we arrived finally to Playa Larga exhausted but happy. Time for few beers!