New For The Home: An Old Favourite

In this current love affair we are having with modern white minimalism, high tech gadgetry and all things futuristic and made of translucent Lucite, anything organic is starting to look like a true breath of fresh air.

rattan foglia by giovanni travasa bonacina vittorio
Rattan Foglia by Giovanni Travasa Bonacina Vittorio

gorgeous rattan bench

Natural materials have never, and will not ever, go out of style.

stunning rattan chair

What IS new in decor at the moment though, is of course, a fresh take on something old. Rattan and wicker are the new must haves on the interior design scene.

La Luna Selection for Modern day Interiors by Kenneth Cobonpue
La Luna Selection for Modern day Interiors by Kenneth Cobonpue

Long a staple of patio furniture, the high design factor in modern wicker is a new way of looking at an old material. One of our favourite examples of this is La Luna, made by Kenneth Cobonpue. Elegantly woven from jute and rattan, it is both modern and traditional and therefore appeals equally in a sleek residence as a more formal setting.

rattan hanging chair by Expormim
Rattan hanging chair by Expormim
Rattan armchair NEST LOUNGE by Cane-line
Rattan armchair NEST LOUNGE by Cane-line

Adorable Rattan and wicker design - Copy

The educated consumer is becoming more adamant that their purchases come with an Eco cred and this rings true of both designers and decorators in their response. Looking for sustainably produced products is becoming easier to do and is helping to move the industry forward toward better product availability.

Rattan chair with modern design

Vintage Rattan Chair Design
Vintage Rattan Design with Modern Feel

If you are looking to add a sense of warmth to an otherwise cold, minimal feeling, or austere setting, look to the natural materials found in these modern takes on vintage classics. Or even source a vintage piece with clean lines and sleek shape.

When you use natural materials in decor it speaks to a relaxed nature but when you amp up the design factor of the piece it counters what might otherwise fade into the background and creates a focal piece out of even the most basic of furnishings.


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