Exú: 5 Girls Opening Doors On New Worlds

Why does model Petra Kubatova have our knickers in such a twist this week? What is all the BUZZ about?

You might think that as the supermodel that graced our very first cover years ago that our excitement might be tied to a new photoshoot or editorial.

EXU Petra Kubatova travels to Cuba

This IS a woman who has an entire section of her website dedicated to her legs. Or maybe she’s launching a new clothing line or perfume that we can market to the “modern woman”. Or… well maybe it’s just that a model like Petra can get your attention with pretty much anything she does that is new, noteworthy or otherwise, simply because she’s engaging, intelligent and vivacious?


Better. The Trend Privé Team is falling over itself because Petra and her band of Merry Fabulistas ARE the modern woman. A model, a merchant, two doctors and an actress, these lasses have just embarked on rather a journey of epic proportions, riding their Harley Davidsons across Cuba in search of the stories to tell of prominent women from Cuba’s diverse and historically rich culture. Louise, Laura, Catherine and Noeline are discovering the beauty of “Old CUBA” before it become New CUBA.


The Girls of EXU's Cuba Adventure
The Girls of EXU

In their own words:

“Five women intoxicated by adventure and animated by a powerful need to learn and experience, we offer an unusual odyssey to discover a country, its ancient cultures and traditional medicine, offbeat and original way, straddling “local” motorcycles.”

Petra Kubatova and EXU

They are about to discover Cuba and Santeria.  They want to meet women who are fulfilling themselves through their work, so far from our borders, with their own codes of femininity and their worldview.

Petra Kubatova launches EXU Exu leaves for Cuba

These life experience seeking ladies are not strangers to the world of travel and adventure. Laura and Louise have already traversed Namibia and with them went lifestyle and beauty photographer,  Götz Göppert. The author of a documentary series and a true “motographer”,  Götz is passionate about life and the demanding conditions of being on the road and will be telling this story as well through his lens.

This revolution WILL be televised. Well, photographed.  The excursion is about discovering more of the strong women of Cuba’s multi-faceted culture, but it is also about discovering these independent women of our own as well. Join us as we follow these Road Warriors on the ride of a lifetime!

Model Petra Kubatova heads to Cuba on her Harley

If you’d like to be part of the escapade, you can follow this site for regular updates on the Exú Ladies. Petra will be in contact with us whenever she has available wifi. You can also check out their Instagram, and Facebook page (both in French and English).

You can help the ladies of Exú by contributing to their expenditures if you’d like to be involved on their KissKissBankBank (like a Kickstarter in France) page HERE.