Dolce Vita Suite at Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino

There are places and life moments that remain indelible in the heart and in the head, impressed in the eyes, in frames that do not fade.

La Dolce Vita Suite of the Belmond Hotel Splendido Portofino is the perfect backdrop for everything that life and stunning nature can offer. One of the most beautiful – and certainly unique – views of the world: the Paradiso Gulf, and Portofino, set as a precious stone between the mountains and the sea. I often come to Portofino; a couple of times a year to regenerate and fill with positive energy. Here it is impossible to get the opposite and as Holly usually said in front of Tiffany:”Nothing wrong can happen”.

Dolce Vita Suite Portofino Dolce Vita Suite Portofino

I arrive it the evening of a gray day and I say an affectionate hello with a big smile to the best staff ever. Although you feel the rain it’s a pleasure to see the comforting lights, that every traveler must have: a warm light at the door – the consolation of those who are waiting for you. I come in a unique place furnished with touches of sea, sky and ivory woods dried by the sun. A place that embraces and cuddles you as a blanket of cashmere and becomes your home immediately. Home is what we have in the heart, but also the ability to transform 140 square meters in a place of the soul. This is Dolce Vita Suite.

Dolce Vita Suite Portofino Dolce Vita Suite Portofino Dolce Vita Suite Portofino Dolce Vita Suite Portofino

The accommodation welcome is finding a bottle of bubbly along with light Delicatessen, and tickets to welcome you back. A wonderful plant of white orchids: a gift from General Manager Ermes De Megni, my favorite GM! He is a man capable of making the Belmond Hotel splendid – a dream hotel not only for luxury, but for the human warmth. In fact, he has been awarded  the Best General Manager of Luxury Hotels by the prestigious UK Tour Operator, among many others. His infectious roaring laughter shows that he deserves it.

Dolce Vita Suite Portofino

Our accommodation has large stained glass windows on the bay, the living room where you can sip a boiling coffee wrapped by a shawl and watch the rain, the wind, the sea, the sails, the green, the boats of the fishermen who defy the sea. It has a huge bed dotted with turquoise, a sumptuous bathroom where the marble is embellished by a large mosaic and where no other embellishments that plunge into the bath full of perfumed foam.

In the morning a table is waiting for us: a kind breakfast with the scent of focaccia bread, coffee and fresh fruits, and you would love to never have to leave the table. Hereyou can wait till sunset if you wish, knowing that every evening will be different and that the day after will be much better than the previous one. New joys, new colors to watch and new shades to discover. New challenges and newly replenished energy.

So, the perfect holiday. What else is there to complete the regeneration of the soul?

Dolce Vita Suite Portofino

Photo by Franco Olivetti 

Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino