Wave City Coffee Table by Stelios Mousarris

mousarris (1)Stelios Mousarris is a Cypriot based designer with a Bachelor Degree in Model making.

In the past he worked for Fosters and Partners as a model maker and he was an assistant designer for Duffy London.wave city coffee table (1)

He now has his own self titled company ‘Mousarris’ and designs a high quality unique furniture.

wave city coffee table (2)

The ‘Wave City’ coffee Table is inspired by the 2010 science fiction film ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan.

(Image courtesy of Moviepilot)

This limited edition coffee table is a made out of wood, steel and 3D printed technology.

wave city coffee table (3)

I interviewed him in December 2015 for Trend Prive Magazine. Read more in the link below:


wave city coffee table (4)(All coffee table images are the courtesy of http://www.mousarris.com/ )


Nogol Zahabi

Nogol Zahabi was born into an architectural family. She graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with AA Diploma and RIBA part 2. With her passion for fashion and her architecture background, she founded Fashionecture which is a combination of Fashion and Architecture. She is with Trend Prive Magazine since end of 2013.