Interview with interior designer, Stelios Mousarris…

12238202_1676962435918378_1170475358627000857_oStelios Mousarris is an interior designer from a small  beautiful island of Cyprus. His personal studio-office is located in Larnaka. He recently designed the unique Carpet chair which is adored by many people around the world.I recently interviewed him for Trend Prive magazine.

-What inspired you the most and how did you come up with the idea of the carpet chair and sofa?

I will tell you the story of how I got inspired for the Carpet Chair. I was looking at the carpet in my parents house while my mother was cleaning the house. One carpet was placed at the top of a couch. While I was looking at it I thought to myself that it could work as a chair itself so I started to draw and think how it could stand by itself. After two months of drawing I decided to build my design in collaboration with the artist Jan Blythe.
-Some top designers like Hermes and Valentino used Persian Carpet in their collection before. Do you see any connection in your design with theirs?

I see more resemblance with Tonio De Roover and his carpet couch using beautiful Persian carpets.




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-Who is your favourite designer and why?                          

I have two favourite designers, one of them is Duffy London who I used to work for, and my other favorite designer is Rick Owens. They both have beautiful work and incredible designs.

-The way your chair and sofa are standing up is beautiful. I love the fact that the structure is invisible and you just see one material. How did you come up with the idea this simple and powerful?

When I was a kid I always liked to design and I was always curious to know how things are made. I used to ask a lot of questions on how things are built and when I would found out I used to analyse the designs and sometimes drew them to improve them.
With this design I wanted to surprise viewers so I thought of a way of just having the carpet visible and carrying the weight.

12015084_1667769496837672_3207041731462146129_o-How did you build the structure? Did it fail or not and how did you come up with the invisible structure?

At the beginning I thought about using plastic for the structure the plastic wasn’t supportive enough so it didn’t work. After that I thought about using 4 mm steel. At the end I used 6 mm steel which gives the illusion that the carpet is floating. Plus it supports the human weight perfectly.

12091302_1667769500171005_7524839248558227534_o-Do you see Architecture in your design?

No, I wouldn’t say my design is architectural.

-How do you see the Mousarris brand in the future? What is your goal?

I see the Mousarris brand as a design company that would produce great pieces of furniture and other products.
My goal would be to influence other people and their work as I was influenced by other people’s work.

Nogol Zahabi

Nogol Zahabi was born into an architectural family. She graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with AA Diploma and RIBA part 2. With her passion for fashion and her architecture background, she founded Fashionecture which is a combination of Fashion and Architecture. She is with Trend Prive Magazine since end of 2013.