Accessories Editor`s Note: Paris, We Are United With You

As we all try to comprehend the events that have just unfolded within the last day in Paris, we must all stay vigilant and mourn with Paris and with any other country that has been a target of terrorism in the past several months to years. As much as we all want to hate those who commit these acts and promote hatred on social media platforms, we have to stop and feel sorrow for them; for they do not know love. I, myself have to remember to feel sorrow for them for I have as much anger as anyone else does at the moment.

We all may not be perfect in anyway whatsoever, but I know that if we all ban together in solidarity to spread love; not fear and hatred within one another, we can defeat ISIS. Not militarily per say, but with the notion that they will not win by bestowing fear, hate and ugliness in the world. We can stand together by posting and sharing nothing but positive and uplifting notes.


As for me and the rest of our team, we will be showing our support for Paris and the other countries that have been affected by terrorist attacks, by joining in on the three day of mourning. Our publishing will consist of nothing but good things coming out of Paris, the people and countries who are helping spread love.



Adrielyn Christi

Senior US Fashion Editor and PR for Trend Prive Magazine. Finding the latest and greatest in fashion and to have the ability to share it with the world is truly my passion.