Inside Expo 2015 Milano


If you are around Milan, now is the best time to visit Expo 2015. In my visit I found couple of beautiful pavilions with similar design in wearable items. This beautiful pavilion was one of them.

The icon of Italian Pavilion in Expo 2015 Milano is the tree of life. A metal structure 35 meters tall and 2.5 meter in diameter built by Atb of Brescia and Ormis Rodenecker.


The creator Marco Balich said to “This tree will bloom every hour of the day and ‘explode’ at night.” , with images, projections, inflatable and water screens, smoke clouds and soap bubbles: 1,260 shows, 10-12 minutes each that will alternate during the six months of exposure.

This Architectural, Fashionable pavilion which I would like to call it “Fashionetural” remind me of so many wearable designs.

IMG_5651 IMG_5652

http://Dsquared² at Milan Spring 2015

Can you find more pavilion designs in Expo 2015 Milano and compare them with Fashion design?


Nogol Zahabi

Nogol Zahabi was born into an architectural family. She graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with AA Diploma and RIBA part 2. With her passion for fashion and her architecture background, she founded Fashionecture which is a combination of Fashion and Architecture. She is with Trend Prive Magazine since end of 2013.