Similarities in Expo 2015 Milano and…

Fashionecture finds similarities between designs in Fashion and Architecture.

Could we agree that both Architect and Fashion designer obey certain rules in their design process to achieve their final result?

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Fashionecture tries to find the successful designs and put their images next to each other therefore it becomes easier to compare.

Do you see the similarities between these designs? The Vanke Pavilion in Expo 2015 Milano, Italy and these skirts.


Did these two designers (the Architect and the Fashion designer) had the same concept?

How did they both start? What were their thinking process to achieve these results?

I want to call these designs Fashionectural since they both have elements of Fashion and Architecture.

What is your opinion?

Nogol Zahabi

Nogol Zahabi was born into an architectural family. She graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in London with AA Diploma and RIBA part 2. With her passion for fashion and her architecture background, she founded Fashionecture which is a combination of Fashion and Architecture. She is with Trend Prive Magazine since end of 2013.